Sick Day

So I am really missing my workout.

Sick for the last couple of days, and will probably be sick for a couple more. 😦

But what it has really taught me is a couple of things:

1-I need to practice what I preach. I need stop being busy while telling others to remember self-care. Maybe I talk about it so much because I am reminding myself. Who knows? What I do know is that when I began to slip, and do too much, I got sick for the first time in months. Ugh.

2-Meal Prep is a life-saver. If I hadn’t sat down and planned out this week, I would not have had leftovers to get me through this. I would have to figure out what to eat without getting proper nutrition. I might have had to go out and do grocery shopping (Not up to it) or pick up fast food (more expensive). At the moment, I have food that will last me the rest of the week, and I haven’t even made all this week’s meals. I would not be able to stay home and rest while I’m getting better. Thanks Meal Prep. You rock.


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