I don’t know how you define success, but it’s a funny thing.

I see a lot of definitions in this culture:

Making a substantial amount of money.

Having a career.

Selling a certain amount.

And while those are important things, I don’t want to forget the main focus. If you are going for success, remember these important ideas:

Making lots of money is worthless if you are too busy or cheap to enjoy it! Don’t get so caught up in making money that you forget to sit back and enjoy life.

Having a career is not so successful, if you are miserable and not doing what you love. I know that work is work, and you do what you have to for a dollar, but wouldn’t you rather find a job you absolutely LOVE while you make that money?

Selling a lot is so empty unless you remember WHY you are doing it. If you do it while you’re exploiting other people, or not serving their best interest, that is not success. If you forget that you’re supposed to be helping people rather than using them, is that success?

As a coach, I hope I never forget what real success is.

What is YOUR definition of success?


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