Rest Day

There is something that I really stress with myself, and anyone else who comes to me for advice: a rest day.

This includes taking a break at least once a week (or twice, like me) to give your body a rest and recharge. But it doesn’t have to stop there. It can also include taking a day off (like I’m doing today) to rest mentally. I have a tendency to do too much, even on weekends. I’m blessed to have a job where I can do this. My whole point for exercising is to give my body more energy. What good would it do if I ran myself ragged at my job and business and didn’t have any energy? Think about  it. That would completely undo my goals. I want to take care of myself and be good to myself. Self-care is all about balance.

Don’t work out to the point where your body doesn’t get time to recharge-especially if your goal is to gain more energy!! Additionally, if you are working too much at your job or other things that need to get done, that will mentally exhaust you.

So today I really want to remind you: it is not negligent to give yourself a break. Oftentimes, it’s negligent if you don’t. Take care of yourself! You are so worth it ❤


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