Today I want to remind you of something.

Nobody is perfect.

No relationship is perfect.

No job is perfect.

No family is perfect.

We all have our flaws, our problems, and our insecurities.

And guess what? The media is not making it easier on us.

We strive to work hard, to look our best, to appear like we have it all together.

And while it’s healthy to better ourselves, we shouldn’t become so caught up in it that we forget that we’re human.

You are going to snap at those closest to you.

You are going to be late for work.

You are going to make mistakes.

But if you have grace on yourself, and allow yourself to be human when they come-while striving to improve upon those shortcomings-you will find it very freeing. It will probably be more effective for you than constant negative self-talk.

You are human.

And life isn’t perfect.

Life is messy beautiful.

And you need to stop being your biggest critic.




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