I have been taking short walk every day for the last two days instead of working out because I have been fighting something. Still not sure what was going on. It was a combination headache, plus exhaustion, plus icky feeling. You know what I mean.

And it’s funny, I didn’t want to take it easy.

I missed doing higher-impact workouts.

And that’s the funny thing.

Working out to me isn’t something I hate. Though some days I dread it because I’m tired or don’t want to get up early.

But I see it this way: it’s a way to improve my life.

And when I don’t have it, I know I will not have as much energy.

I know I will miss that mood lift.

I don’t *want* to go back to my old ways of skipping workouts and eating junk.

I feel happy that I have gotten to the point where I miss that workout, because I know my body and mind are seeing the benefits.



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